The Team of Madagascar Linguistic Assist work in all field in which foreign languages are involved such as:

  1. Interpretation: M.L.A can help very much those persons that come in the big Island for business whatever it is. As we all know the first boundery that can likely prevent a person from coming in a foreign territory is the language. In that purpose of solving this problem we creat that service of interpretation. So what are the languages M.L.A can master? The Team is composed of different young men and young women that speak several foreign languages such as: french, English, Italian, Spanish & Russian. And do not forget our own language, the Malagasy.
  2. Translation: Not only we speak but we can write as well! This was our very first service that we provided. We translate many kind of documents as well as web sites and their components. We can translate in french, italian, english, spanish and Russian, and last but not the least Malagasy.
  3. Tourism: since some members of the Team are tourists guide, tourism is one of the service we can provide the best. We can organize circuits & tours in the whole Madagascar. We can conceive tour of different kinds, classical tour, adventures, canoeing, climbing, trekking & hiking, birdwachting, whalewachting, ect ect...

What makes our services so different from the others is that ours are simply  "Low Cost".

So do you plan to go to the big Island? Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance or if you want to know how much these services cost!

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